• Available to professors/instructors who adopt "Principles of Casino Marketing" or "Introduction to Casino Management" for classroom use:

Fully animated and designed PowerPoint slides for each chapter of the Principles of Casino Marketing or Introduction to Casino Management. The slides closely follow the content of each chapter and are imbedded with questions designed to spur class participation. Because the imbedded questions are followed by the answers, we recommended that the slides are distributed to the students at some point following the lecture. If students have access to the slides prior to or during the lecture, the imbedded questions will not serve their purpose.


In the absence of a gaming laboratory, a valuable teaching tool is a video explaining how the game is played. And when discussing the history of gaming, a video often adds authenticity and excitement to the subject. Below is a list of videos that are suitable for both Casino Operations and Casino Marketing courses:

  • "How To" Videos:
    • Blackjack "Deal Me In" by Henry Tamburin is an excellent explanation of how blackjack is played. Although all his videos are somewhat dry in his presentations (I won't say boring), he nevertheless does a good job of explaining the games. Available at Amazon.com
    • Craps "Rolling To Win" by Henry Tamburin, available at Amazon.com
    • Roulette "Spinning To Win" by Henry Tamburin, available at Amazon.com


  • Howard Hughes entry into gaming gave the industry much needed "legitimacy." Prior to Mr. Hughes, casinos were owned by the unsavory. Virtually all casino owners at that time had a criminal record. Howard Hughes history was fascinating as evidenced in the following videos:
  • Las Vegas Gaming History
    • The Secret History of Las Vegas, TravelVideoStore.com
    • Mob on the Run, created by KLAS Channel 8 in Las Vegas in 1986 and narrated by Ned Day. This is probably the best video ever produced on the mob's influence in Las Vegas. It starts before statehood and ends in 1986, shortly after Tony Spilotro's murder. Unfortunately, this video was never sold to the public. UNLV's Special Collections library has a copy (and so do I).
    • Las Vegas An Unconventional History, PBS.org
    • Vegas and the Mob, A&E Video,
      • This special 2-hour presentation uses countless interviews with Mafia experts and Vegas insiders to trace the long history of VEGAS AND THE MOB.

        Vegas existed before the mob came to town but not in any way that would be familiar to the millions of people who flock to the city today.

        It took the vision of legendary mobster Bugsy Siegel to start the transformation of Vegas and his monumental Flamingo Hotel became the anchor of "the strip." Follow the influence of the mob in Vegas from Siegel through the "Strawman Trials" which today's gaming giants claim marked the end of mob influence in Vegas. See how Jimmy Hoffa worked with the mob to help build the heart of Vegas while attracting the attention of J. Edgar Hoover and how the arrival of Howard Hughes began the remarkable transformation of Vegas into a "family" entertainment center. Trace the story of legendary front-man Allen Glick the basis for the hit movie Casino and meet mob lawyers, Nevada officials, gambling moguls and entertainers who reveal the hidden history of Vegas.

        From the Flamingo to the Luxor, this is the complete story of how the mob exploited legal gambling to make billions of dollars and created an American institution.

  • Card Counting
    • Blackjack Science Videos were created by the infamous "MIT" blackjack counting teams. Provides excellent insight as to how the tables were turned on the Las Vegas Casinos.